KeyedIn Solutions sponsored the WE Fest event in 2021.

WE Fest 2021 was a three-day country music festival held at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit from the 7th to the 9th August that attracts some of the best country and western music talent in America.

The organizers were delighted to be one of the first live music events to be held in 2021, which celebrated the opening up of the US economy.

KeyedIn were honoured to support this event and to meet the many small business owners who shared their stories and their aspirations for the future.

The Covid pandemic caught most business owners and indeed most governments across the world by surprise. 

It was amazing to watch small businesses rise to the challenge as they supported their local communities.

However, it also demonstrated the value of having an online presence.  Others found to their surprise that many of the online shops charged huge sales commission rates on their sales which destroyed their profit margin.  

KeyedIn quickly adapted their products to support these businesses and made a significant choice not to charge sales commission on sales.

The small business community spans the world.  That is why KeyedIn partners with leading experts in this field to learn and to collaborate across different geographies.  KeyedIn believes in the power of the collective effort and is playing a leading role harnessing this diverse pool of incredible talent and and promoting their agenda .

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