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The Boardshaper technology was partly inspired by the need to support the communities and the small businesses that operate in the surfing industry.

We have worked with legends of the industry including Pat Rawson to examine how technology can help their businesses.

These guys proved to be just as talented at designing business software as they are at designing surf boards.

Technology inspired by Surf Legends

We started out thinking that it would be great idea if businesses could manage their customers, create estimates, invoice customers and track your expenses ine one easy to use App.

Experience showed that most small businesses are very mobile and they need to be able to do all of this on their phone while they are away from the office.

This helps them to make better use of their time, reduced paper work, makes them more competitive and of course frees up their evenings.

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Go Online and Expand your Customer Base

We quickly adapted our software over the past 18 months to help Restaurants, Surfing Manufacturers and Surfing Schools to get online quickly without having to pay for expensive websites.

The Boardshaper App can be easily integrated into your social media platform with a few clicks to provide you with a complete online e-commerce platform.

Unlike other leading e-commerce platforms… we do not charge sales commission on YOUR SALES!

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Special Promotion – Win a Pat Rawson Surf Board

We would love to explore how we can support your business.  Our team will be at the Boardroom Talks booth, near the main aisle.

One of our lucky visitors will enter the promotion to win a beautiful surfboard, handcrafted by the industry legend Pat Rawson.

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Supporting Next Level Collaborations

We understand that small business owners are the leaders and shapers of their community and therefore need more support than just some tech they buy online.

We want to hear them, adapt the app for them, and then assist with what matters the most in their communities, whether that’s environmental, sustainability, tech hubs, culture, education, and more! Boardshaper isn’t just a tech app, it’s a community that is working for a better tomorrow.  The Boardshaper platform supports non-profit, and community organizations sector.  That’s why we wanted to create Next Level Collaborations.

Coming soon… look out for dinner events, podcast, and other events that are all about shaping our communities.

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We help our customers to adopt simple and effective technologies.

Our team will help you to select and configure the features that you need for your business.
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