The Complete Small Business Solution

Managing your Customers and Suppliers

  • Update business contact information from any device.
  • Apply search tags to help you filter your contacts.
  • Add notes and appointments.
  • Upload key documents for easy reference.
  • View all information for your contacts on one page.

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Creating Professional Estimates

  • Being the first to get an estimate to your customer will give you an advantage.
  • You can now create an estimate in seconds using your phone.
  • It will create a professional PDF together with your logo and company details.
  • Stay on top of your estimates to maximize your sales conversion rate.

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Invoicing and Cash Sales

  • Create Invoices in seconds to improve your cashflow.
  • Convert an Invoice based on an Estimate in seconds.
  • Powerful Work in Progress Invoicing based on Timesheets and Expenses.
  • Track customer payments and identify outstanding payments.
  • Cash Based Billing (when the payments and invoice happens at the same time).

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Recording your Expenses

  • Use the camera on your phone to take a photo of the paper receipt.
  • Recording your expenses accurately to reflect the true costs of your business.
  • This will help you to reduce your tax bill.
  • Track recurring / regular costs.

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Finance Dashboard

  • Stay on top of your finances using the power finance dashboard.
  • Summarize your Sales, Expenses and Profit by month with annual running totals.
  • Click on any figure to drill down to see the detailed sales and expense transactions.
  • We use algorithms to forecast your total sales, expenses and profit for the year.

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We help our customers to adopt simple and effective technologies.

Our team will help you to select and configure the features that you need for your business.
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